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What We Stand For

Since 1997, our debt collection business has been built on a foundation of trust.

We strive to build honest relationships founded on transparency and trust through the debt recovery process. Cedar Business Services makes sure that our consumers and clients are aware of their rights.

At Cedar Business Services, our employees, partners and representatives everywhere work to give you the best performance and the best customer service. All of our communications with consumers are guaranteed to be respectful, compliant and tailored towards finding amicable solutions.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the leading international debt collection agency, by providing our clients with top-quality local debt collection representation around the globe, while preserving the integrity and professionalism of our clients and their own customers throughout the debt collection process.

Our Business

Our business is to provide the finest local debt collection representation throughout the world, as well as, facilitate cross-border trade.
The goal is simple, to deliver the most comprehensive and professional debt recovery services available to our clients. All this, while focusing on the unique challenges in your industry.

Our Values

To preserve the integrity of our clients and customers throughout the debt collection process by providing the highest ethical, professional, and customer service standards possible.
Our “People First” approach has benefited thousands of clients in reaching amicable resolutions for their outstanding accounts, all while protecting the relationships you’ve created.

Trust: The Foundation of Our Business

To preserve the reputation of our clients and consumers throughout the collection process by providing the highest level of ethical, professional, and customer service standards possible.

Our ‘People First’ approach has helped us reach amicable resolutions on most past accounts.



This Communication is from a Debt Collector. This is an Attempt to Collect a Debt. Any Information Obtained will be Used for that Purpose only.